For all dog types

Made from 100% USA raised beef

Jerky Treats & Dog Bones

100% all-natural ingredients with no fillers, wheat, corn, soy, or by-products, so you know you’re getting a wholesome treat that you and your dog can trust.

CBD Calming Chews

IDA Pet Foods Calming CBD Chews for Dogs are enriched with CBD to relax your dog and decrease their hyperactivity. 

Subscription Boxes

Decide how often you want to reward your pet with a tasty meaty treat. Enjoy sharing each freshly made and conveniently delivered bag of 100% Beef Treats with your furry friend.


Calming Chew Jerky Strips

Say hello to our brand new product that is designed to help your dog with stress and anxiety.  Our Jerky Dog Treats are made with 100% whole muscle meat. The same cuts of beef found in your store. With options of up to 20 MG of CBD per strip for medium to larger breeds and up to 1MG for smaller breeds, these treats are sure to please owner and pet.

The IDAPet Difference

Providing the Highest Quality Treats for Your Furry Family Member

IDA Pet Foods operates on the principle “Best in/Best out.” When you put the best product into your pet you get the best response and behavior out of it. 

Premium USA-Made Jerky, Treats, and Bones Delivered Monthly

What Our Customers Are Saying

Chase loves these treats

Chase loves these treats. To say LIKE is not accurate. He is not waiting for me at the top of the stairs…he’s waiting for a treat. Seriously….it’s annoying, but in the best annoying way possible.

Kaysville, UT

This is a great product!

All my doggies go out their way to remind me they need just one more. This is a great product!

Broomfield, CO

He now follows me EVERYWHERE!!

I got a bag of treats for my girlfriend’s dog that didn’t like me at all!! He now follows me EVERYWHERE!! Now I’m not sure who likes me more, the dog or my girlfriend!!


My dog LOVES these treats!

My dog LOVES these treats! And I’m glad to give him something that’s not full of fillers. I want to give him real food.